Domestic Violence Awareness

The City of Argo would like to raise awareness of domestic violence and support of the people and organizations that are available to families and victims. It's a problem that knows no social boundaries or class distinction. It affects thousands of women and families. And yet, domestic violence is one of the most misunderstood crimes in our country and often the least obvious. That's why education is so important. It is the best defense against domestic violence - from identifying the signs, to understanding the cycle of abuse and the behavior of both the abuser and the victim. Only through understanding can we help families affected by Domestic Violence to fight back. The Safe House program is available to any victims in St Clair County in need.

The City of Argo would like to raise awareness of domestic violence and support of the people and organizations that are available to families and victims.

Domestic Violence Awareness

Please click on the YWCA logo above for more information. 24 Hour Domestic Violence Crisis Line-205-322-4878.

The following is a inspirational letter from one of our local citizens called "Our Place".

She awakes each morning holding on to the promise that His mercies will be new again. Although she makes every effort to walk on egg shells while in his presence, the actions of her abuser hover overhead like a dark cloud she cannot outrun. Desiring nothing more than to feel worthy of his love and approval, the thought never enters her mind that he cannot give her what he does not possess. Perhaps it is the pressure of daily life, the possibility that he is a byproduct of domestic violence himself, or the feeding of an addiction that makes a mockery of the man she loves. Each intentional move she makes to minimize the triggers of his physical abuse end in regret.

In generations gone by, women were not encouraged to speak out against abuse. Doing so was seen as airing the family's dirty laundry or simply reflected her inability to operate her household effectively. In the event that a woman did seek help, she quickly found that her complaints generally fell on unsympathetic ears. There were few support groups or safe houses and demeaning stares from outsiders seem to confirm the value in keeping on her social mask.

This woman shares your elevator at work and longs for an opportunity to vent her frustrations. She sits behind you on the bleachers at the ballgames, but hides behind her dark sunglasses and picture perfect façade. Did you overlook her in the grocery store, moving quietly down the isles without glancing up to hold your stare. Couldn't you feel the brokenness radiating from her spirit when you reached out to hug her at church? Indeed, you may have missed her on these occasions, but perhaps she is most accessible to your encouragement when you look into the mirror.

Domestic violence is an infectious disease that destroys women from the inside out. The scars she tries to cover up on the outside are merely the tip of the iceberg. The greatest destruction hides in the core of her being, threatening each day to steal her hope and her future. If you or someone you love is the victim of domestic violence, I urge you to remove that shameful mask and seek refuge at Our Place. Having partnered with the YWCA, women and children not only receive shelter and support, but can also find assistance through the St. Clair County Advocacy Program. This is the only certified domestic violence shelter in St. Clair and Blount counties. Seeking help will require courage, but the decision to do so will change your life. Please join us in breaking the cycle of domestic violence and find your place at Our Place.

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