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Welcome to the official website for the City of Argo, Alabama! The City of Argo is a sprawling suburban city located in St. Clair County. Argo offers quiet country living and a wonderful place to raise a family. We are committed to a safe and wholesome environment, taking pride in our highly professional Police and Fire Departments, Schools and Churches. We believe that Argo is the best place to call home. Before you buy a home, or commit to a business or industrial site, we encourage you to visit the City of Argo!

The City of Argo:
On Track for the Future

If you're looking to relocate your home or business, you need look no further than Argo, Alabama.  With the small town atmosphere, everyone feels welcome,  safe and happy.  Located in St. Clair County, Argo offers quiet country living while providing access to the bigger cities nearby.  I-20 corridor runs right through the historical town of Argo, enabling its residents to reach the world around them easily.  Argo is a short  drive away from the bigger cities of Trussville and Birmingham, providing access to big city amenities while keeping its residents safe at home from the crime and busyness of those cities.   

Argo has a rich history with the railroads

If you enjoy a home with history, Argo has that to offer in abundance.  Argo has a rich history with the railroads and the Norfolk-Southern Railroad still passes through town on a regular basis.  Train aficionados will find this absolutely fascinating.  While in Argo, you should also visit the Pioneer Massey Cemetery which commemorates the War of 1812.  There's plenty of history where that came from, so if history is your thing, Argo is your home!

Heart of Argo Southbound

Argo's railway history still exist today. Modern locomotives as well as classics can be seen passing thru.

What People Say About Argo, Alabama

Argo, Alabama is a delightful place to visit.  There's a wonderful southern charm in every person you meet.  People here are genuinely kind and helpful which makes it a great place to visit.  I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting people and building relationships in Argo. ~Dona Bonnett

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City Council
Mayor Betty Bradley
Rick Hopkins
Dennis Griffin
Tommy Suggs
Danny McCarley
Ann Brown (Mayor Pro-Tem)

Copy of Argo Council Meeting July 8

Argo Council Meeting July 8 | City of Argo announces the next City Council Meeting scheduled to follow the Work Session which is scheduled for 5 pm on July 8, 2024. Please view or download the agenda as well as view previous meeting minutes at: Agendas/Minutes

City Hall
100 Blackjack Road
Argo, AL 35173
Phone: 205-352-2120
Fax: 205-352-2118