Bid for Roof Project

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, ALABAMA, NOTICE TO BID Notice is hereby given that the City of Argo, Alabama (“City”) will receive sealed bids at City Hall at 100 Blackjack Road, Trussville, AL, until 2:00 pm on Monday, July 31, 2023, at which time the bids will be opened for the following project: ROOFING REPAIRS FOR ARGO CITY HALL. The bid must contain all requirements and documents stated in the bid, which includes, at minimum, evidence of the Bidder’s authority and qualification to perform the work in Argo, Alabama, or obtain such qualification prior to awarding the Contract. The City reserves the right to modify, substitute, cancel or the invitation to bid as well as the right to reject any or all bids, to waive any or all irregularities and/or informalities in any bid, and to award a contract in any manner consistent with the law and deemed in the best interest of the City.  A bid packet may be picked up at Argo City Hall, online at

Bid Packet for Roof Project

City of Argo
100 Blackjack Road
Trussville, AL 35173

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